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How to filter members by country
How to filter members by country

Learn how you can filter your members by country

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In Ambassify, you can easily filter your members by country.

This way, you can identify your members in every country and segment them to send out targeted campaigns or messages.

To identify your members by country, you can add a filtered overview on 'address' and select the address field 'country.' With the dropdown menu, you can choose one or more countries to filter on. When you have added the filter, you will get an overview of all the members of the selected country/countries.

Segment your members for campaigns and messages

If you want to publish a campaign for a specific country, you can easily add a filter on the country in the campaign's audience. The same goes for messages.

You don't know the country of your member?

Ask your members to provide this information when recruiting them. You can easily add the country field to the recruitment form. To let existing members update their profiles, you can use a Form campaign.

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