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Why is there "DummyFirstName" in my test e-mails?
Why is there "DummyFirstName" in my test e-mails?

Let's tell you why

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After the set-up of the campaign message has been completed, it is often advisable to do a final check before sending it out to your (future) ambassadors by sending a test email to yourself and maybe one of your other colleagues that should give his final approval (left option in the picture below).

After sending yourself the test email, you will see that your name is not mentioned yet.

Why is this? All personal data of the recipients (audience) will be retrieved when the final mail is live. This means that the recipient's first name in the test email will be replaced by a standard copy to not burden our tool unnecessarily.

So don't worry; once the test email is approved and effectively sent to the persons you have targeted in your database, the correct information will be shown to guarantee a personal email from your company.

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