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Disable interaction confirmation button
Disable interaction confirmation button

Allow members to do an interaction without confirmation

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For some campaigns (LinkedIn Like, Comment on Facebook, Review on Glassdoor) you ask your members to go outside Ambassify via an external link to do a specific action.

By default, these members should confirm their action by clicking on the confirmation button in the campaign. Otherwise, they will not receive points and their action will not be counted in the reporting.

It is also possible to disable this confirmation button. The campaign will then be regarded as completed when the external link is being opened. In this case, members don't have to confirm the action (i.e. participation to the campaign) themselves afterwards.

To disable the confirmation button, go to the “Actions” page of your campaign and check the “Disable interaction confirmation button” box.


To set this as the default for all new campaigns, go to your settings and open the “Actions” page in the “Campaign” category. You’ll find a similar checkbox here.

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