Conversion tracking for HubSpot forms

We provide a tracking pixel to make it easier for you to do conversion tracking on HubSpot forms

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When you enable conversion tracking on your social share campaign. You can either use our regular conversion pixel. If you are using Hubspot forms, we also have a specific tracking pixel for HubSpot.

  1. Make sure there is a HubSpot form on the page your social share campaign links to

  2. Install the HubSpot conversion tracking script on that webpage (see below)

  3. To make sure conversions on your campaign are tracked, please add our HubSpot conversion tracking script to the webpage your form is on. Consult a colleague responsible for these things if you need to learn how to do this. The conversion tracking script can be found on any social share campaign when you click enable conversion tracking.

It will look like this (see example below). You can find this pixel if you enable the conversion tracking on the campaign, close the campaign, and click conversions in the campaign overview, where you will see the Hubspot tracking script below the regular conversion pixel.


Once your advocates have started sharing the link from your campaign and people click on those shared links, we'll keep track of which advocate's link they used to get to your form. The conversion will be tracked if these people fill in the HubSpot form.

These conversions will be visible inside Ambassify for admins on the campaign overview page at Conversions:

Users will also be able to see their conversions on the campaign itself when they open the campaign.

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