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Content suggestions in Ambassify
Content suggestions in Ambassify
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Did you know that you can easily link your company's social media accounts with Ambassify? This way, content suggestions from the linked social media account or RSS feeds are displayed on your dashboard. In just a few clicks, new campaigns are ready to launch!

How can you do this?

You can enable this via Settings > Import sources > Add source
Here, you can link X accounts, LinkedIn pages, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, or RSS feeds.

Once you have done this, you will see content suggestions appear on the dashboard, as well as when you click on Campaigns and then on Import.

Here, you see an overview of all linked channels, and you can easily select a post you wish to use for your next campaign. If you click "create campaign," you will see that the content of the source is already pre-filled in your campaign.

When you have more than one import source of the same type, you can easily filter the suggestions per source via the dropdown menu.

List of sources we currently support

  • RSS feeds

  • Facebook Pages

  • LinkedIn Companies

  • X Profiles

  • Instagram Profiles

  • YouTube channels

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