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Creating campaigns via Import
Creating campaigns via Import

Quickly set up campaigns based on your imported channels

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In Ambassify, you can connect your social media and RSS channels directly to your Ambassify account. As a result, each time content is posted on one of these channels, this will automatically show up in the Import section and via the content suggestions in your dashboard. The great advantage is that this allows you to set up campaigns based on both owned content as third party content.

In this article, we'll explain you how you can easily create a campaign based on your imported or connected channels.

Step 1: go to Campaigns and click Import

You now see an overview of all your imported channels and the content that is available for each source.

Step 2: select the content you like and simply click the button Create Campaign. In this example, we'll take a blog article that's available via RSS feed.

Step 3: The system will recognise the content item you've selected and via a pop-up, it will automatically make campaign suggestions that are relevant. You just choose the campaign type you prefer. In the example, we'll take a Social Share.

Step 4: All you need to do now is to give a name to your campaign. You'll happily notice that all of the other fields are already filled in for you, based on the information we retrieve from the content source (in this case an external blog article). You can keep it as it is or edit some fields. So basically your campaign is ready and you can now just publish, schedule or save it as a draft!

The Import functionality of Ambassify allows you to set up campaigns in a very quick and easy way. Do you want to save even more time? Then automating your campaigns can be a great idea. Click here and learn how to set up automated campaigns.

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