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How to add YouTube channel as an RSS feed
How to add YouTube channel as an RSS feed

How to add your YouTube channel as an import source

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Are you managing a YouTube channel for your brand or company? And do you want to share your newest videos with your advocate community so they can help share your videos with their social networks? Then you can create a feed for your YouTube channel so you can start creating campaigns each time a new video has been published. In this article, we'll show you how.

First, you need to create an RSS feed for your YouTube channel. Head to your channel's page and open the videos tab.

If you have a browser extension (like for example "Get RSS Feeds URLs" for Chrome), open the extension and copy the URL for the RSS feed that has been created.

Now, you can head to your Ambassify backend and go to Settings > Import Sources (in the left sidebar). Click on Add Source and choose the type "RSS".

Paste the link that you copied, give your feed a name and click on the green button Add Source. Now your feed is created and it will show up in the list of import sources.

If you want to start building campaigns to highlight your YouTube videos, navigate to Campaigns > Import. In the RSS tab, you can select your freshly made YouTube channel feed (in this example: Ambassify YouTube). Here, you will find all the latest videos that are available on your channel and you can start setting up your campaigns.

The campaign builder will suggest possible campaign types for you to use, depending on if you want to have people watch your video, to go and leave a comment on your video, or to help distribute your video via social sharing.

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