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Sharing on WeChat

Everything you need to know about letting users share content on WeChat

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WeChat has two main places users can share content:

  • Moments: a bit similar to posting on your Instagram feed

  • Chat: similar to sending a DM on Instagram when users tap the WeChat share button on the campaign

WeChat also has an internal browser (small embedded Chrome) to view and share websites. All links posted in WeChat open in this browser.

Sharing scenarios:

  1. In our native iOS app and Android app: We'll show the native share sheet (see image) where users must select WeChat again. The WeChat app will open and let the user choose between sharing in chat or moments. The link will have the nice preview configured by the admin.

  2. Anywhere else: A popup will show that WeChat share only works in our native mobile app as we do for Instagram.

💡You can find it all in this article if you want more general information about sharing content with Ambassify.

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