Retrieving link previews on LinkedIn posts
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We've found out that LinkedIn sometimes has issues retrieving the link previews for posts shared on LinkedIn. After careful research, we found out that this is a global issue on LinkedIn that is unrelated to Ambassify. Sometimes it will fail without reason or warning, and we can do nothing about that.

After investigating this issue and contacting LinkedIn, we concluded that it's unlikely this problem will be fixed anytime soon and is starting to occur frequently. As a result, we've decided to accelerate our migration to LinkedIn's new API, which does not suffer from this bug. The fix only applies when the post is created through our API share, not the popup share.

UPDATE: We have migrated to the new API and we have acquired permission to mention people again. A new interface was created and added to our platform, to make this possible. You can find more information on how to mention people and companies in this article.

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