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I want my ambassadors to post their own content
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As a part of your advocacy strategy, you might also want to encourage your ambassadors to speak positively on behalf of your company on specific social channels or (review) websites. Alternatively, you may want to encourage them to create user-generated content on their personal social media profiles and allow them to notify you of the posts they created.

To this end, there are some templates available in Ambassify that you can use. Do note that this option is not available in the Essential plan.

When you click on the tile "I want my ambassadors to post their own content," you'll notice that you get to pick a couple of predefined possibilities.

  • Review on Facebook

  • Review on Glassdoor

  • Post on Instagram

  • Post on X

  • Start from scratch

The different templates in this category all work very similarly. To give you an example, we'll take the first one: Review on Facebook.

First, the campaign should clearly describe what it is about, what you are asking from users, and why it is important.

In this example, you can ask your ambassadors to write a review for your company on Facebook to help others better understand the company. In the content of your campaign, you can describe why their review matters and how the process works.

Next, you can add the link to your Facebook page to your campaign and configure the open the link open button text. The default is "Open Facebook" in this case. This will take them directly to the right place.

As a proof of participation, you can choose which option applies best. In this example, we opt for the "upload an image" so ambassadors can take a screenshot of their review.

You have different choices on how to check if your ambassadors left a review. It all depends on the specific use case and channel, which option suits best. Find more information in this article: ways to ask for proof/confirmation from your advocates.

The five campaign types in this category all work very similarly. The different templates are created to help you set up your campaign more quickly, depending on the objective of your campaign (e.g., asking to leave a review on Glassdoor vs. creating a post on Instagram).

If none of the templates directly apply to your use case, you can use the start from scratch option. This will open an empty template with the exact features you can use in the way you prefer. An example of when you can start from scratch is if you want to gather reviews on a different website like G2, Capterra, or Reddit, to name a few.

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