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Sharing campaign links via QR code or URL
Sharing campaign links via QR code or URL

Each campaign has an individual URL and QR code

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There are several ways to reach your audience whenever you publish new campaigns. For example, you can use different kind of manual of messages, workflows, mobile app push-notifications and an e-mail digest.

Another new and easy way to specifically share a single campaign with your members is by sending them the campaign's individual QR code or URL. These will open the campaign in the community, directly in the mobile app (if installed) or in a browser.


You can find the Share Campaign button by opening a campaign in your campaign overview page. In the upper left corner, you'll find the button right above the Edit Campaign button.

This will trigger the following pop-up message, which includes both the campaign's QR code as well as the campaign URL. Now you can easily download the code or copy the link and use it by adding the QR code on a poster, screensaver, flyer, or by simply pasting the link in an email or somewhere on the intranet, to give you some examples.


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