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Defining 'effects' on campaign interactions and reward fulfilment
Defining 'effects' on campaign interactions and reward fulfilment
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If you are using community goals and/or the sustainability module, It’s possible to define “effects” on campaign interactions and reward fulfilment. This feature lets you define the real-life effect of an action within the Ambassify platform.


  • Interacting on a campaign that asks you to join a blood drive, could have the effect that every interaction is equivalent to donating 47cl of blood.

  • When a request for a reward that says your company will donate €50 to Greenpeace every time it’s claimed, gets fulfilled, this would be the equivalent of donating €50 to Greenpeace

The results of these effects can be tracked by setting up the target of the effect. You can choose between:

  • Selecting an SDG or ESG this action works towards, in this case the effects will end up in your sustainability tracking

  • Selecting a goal this action works towards, in that case the goal will be progressed as a result of the interaction or reward fulfilment

  • A combination of the above

Campaign Effects: setting effects on campaign interactions

When you are editing your campaign, you can find 'Effects' in the right side-bar:

Clicking 'Effects' opens a pop-up window where you can configure the desired effects for you campaign.

You can turn interactions on your campaign into all kinds of equivalents in real-life, such as donating blood, donating money, recycling waste, exercising, volunteering, etc. This all depends on the nature of either the sustainability trackers or the goals the campaign is related to.

In this example, each interaction contributes to the Environmental ESG and at the same time it helps to reach the goal to help clear the oceans, both with the equivalent of 5 euro per interaction.

Reward Effects: setting effects on reward fulfilment

It's also possible to put effects on every reward request that gets fulfilled, for a specific reward.

You can find the effect settings by navigating to the Gamification page, and selecting rewards in the left side-bar. At the bottom, you will find the effects feature. Here you can add and edit your desired effects.

For example, if you have a reward 'Help clear the oceans' and an ambassador claims it, then for example you can determine that the following effects should take place:


This means €25 is being donated to the Ocean Cleanup organisation and this is tracked via an SDG (see upper part of the screenshot). At the same time, €25 is added to the community goal 'Help clear the oceans' where all ambassadors are contributing to (see lower part of the screenshot). If this goal is set to an amount of €1000, then the fact that this reward was requested with a value of €25, means it contributed 2,5% towards the completion of the goal.

In the community frontend, you can see how the goal is progressing and who your top contributors are:

In the backend, you can see the results in your Sustainability report by looking into the corresponding SDG tracker:

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