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How to highlight specific campaigns
How to highlight specific campaigns

Draw extra attention to certain campaigns in your community

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To draw extra attention to your community campaign you have two options:

1) Put your campaign in the spotlight

Spotlighted items will draw more attention because they are highlighted with a visual label 'spotlight'.

How to do this? When you've made a campaign, click to open it in the admin panel. In the menu on the left, under Settings, click on Advanced Settings.

Next, you just activate the checkbox "Put this item in the spotlight" and save your changes. Your campaign has now a spotlight label!

2) Make your campaign a featured item (pin your campaign)
Featured items are displayed at the top of the list of campaigns (or in a separate tab on the mobile app) inside your community. They will stay pinned to the top, even if you publish new campaigns afterwards. Featured campaigns will only dissapear from their position after they have been completed by a user.

You can find this by following the same steps as described for putting a campaign in the spotlight (cfr. supra). However, in this case you select the checkbox "Make this a featured item".

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