Asking feedback from your employees and acting on it is a great way to spark engagement

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One way to ensure your members' engagement stays high is to ask them regularly for feedback.

You can do this via a quick poll campaign or in a more extensive way by creating a survey.

So, where to start?

Click on Create Campaign and select the tile Give input about a topic.

From the options available, choose Fill in a form.

If you're sending the survey to your members, there is no need to ask about their first names, last names, and email addresses because you already have that information.

We took a look at some recent surveys our customers launched for their community and listed some of those questions below to give you some inspiration:


  • How often do you use Ambassify?

  • When was the last time you accessed Ambassify?


  • How user-friendly do you find the web version of Ambassify?

  • How user-friendly do you find the mobile app?


  • Would you like to receive more training about Ambassify?

  • Would you like to receive more training on how to use Social Media?


  • Are you interested in the content shared on Ambassify?

  • Can you easily find the content that interests you on Ambassify?

  • Is there any content you are currently missing on Ambassify?


  • How can we motivate you even more?

  • Which kind of rewards would you like to receive?


  • Do you have any other feedback to share about Ambassify?

  • Do you have any other suggestions on how we can improve your community experience?

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