In Ambassify, you can leverage your community members in order to get referrals.

When can you use a referral campaign?

There are several situations in which a referral campaign is a useful tool. For example:

  • you want to grow your customer base via your current customers

  • you want to run an employee referral program to attract new talent

  • you want to grow your community with likeminded people

How does this work?

Go to "Campaigns > Create campaign" and choose "Referral" in the campaign catalog. To get you started, content is already pre-filled. Of course, you can edit and tailor it exactly to the product, service or subject that you are focusing on.

Once published in the community (and similar if you'd publish it on a landing page) your referral campaign will look something like this:

  • Refer to us: a member can directly fill in the form by referring someone that is already interested

  • Share it with: a member can directly share via social media or email or copy the link to people who might be interested

    By choosing 'Share it with', this will link to a form that potentially interested people can then fill in:

  • Your referrals: a member builds up an overview of the referrals he/she made

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