With a form campaign, you can easily gather feedback by letting your members fill out a configurable form.

In this article, we will guide you step by step to create a form campaign and we will point out the most important things.

But first: when can you use a form campaign?

There are several situations in which you can use a form campaign. This type of campaign makes it possible to gather feedback and you can customize it completely to your needs.

  • ask your members to complete a survey

  • organize an entertaining quiz

  • ask members to upload an image or video as a suggestion

  • Invite members to an event or webinar

Creating the form

  1. Choose the 'form' campaign in the 'feedback' tab or simply search for 'form'.

  2. In the name step, you choose a title that is relevant so that you can easily navigate back to your campaign afterward and continue to the next step.

  3. In the channels step, you decide if you want to communicate the form in the community or to publish the form on a landing page.

  4. In the content step, you add a short title, a suitable image, and the necessary copy to sketch the context in which you want to retrieve the information.

  5. In the form step, you can compile the content of the form. Using the predefined form elements like "Name", "Family Name", "Email" and so on, you can decide which information you want to collect. Click on one of the elements to add them to the form.

Once added, you can configure the fields one by one by clicking on the respective field on the right side. On the left side, you will find the settings of that particular field.

Label: this is the name of the field that is visible in the form.

Description: this will be shown below the field, you can use this to give more information about the field

Placeholder: this will be visible inside your field. You can use this to give an example. This placeholder text will not be used when members complete the form.

Default value: like the placeholder, it will also be visible in the field. However, this text will be used if the value is not changed.

Field is required: check this if members need to fill in the field

Persist in member profile: check this if you want to store the data in the members' profile. For example, if you want to make an update form to ask your members to update their profile data. This is not possible for the General form fields.

Name: When you're using General form fields, you can give your field a name. This name will be used internally in the backend. This will also be visible when exporting the results of your form.

Important to know!
- Never use duplicate name fields in your form
- Do not change the name fields after the form has been filled in

6. Complete your campaign by setting up the reward and audience steps. After this, you are ready to publish your form campaign!

Predefined forms

In the form builder, you can find a button Use a predefined form, which allows you to select one of our predefined forms:

  • Campaign suggestion form

  • Recruitment form

  • Collect references form

This way, you can save some time when building your form.

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