In this article, we'll explain to you how you can schedule campaigns in Ambassify and why this has several advantages.

Why is scheduling your campaigns so interesting?

  • It allows you to better organise your time as an admin. You can block a specific moment of time to create campaigns (e.g. in the first week of the month) and then plan the publication of those campaigns over a longer period of time (e.g. over the whole following month).

  • By scheduling your campaigns upfront, you can be assured that the campaigns will be launched on the right day and time

  • When you are short on resources for a certain period, you can anticipate this by making sure your campaigns are made and published automatically during that period

  • When you plan to go on holiday and you want to avoid that the community is left behind while you are enjoying your time off, you can overcome this by making sure that new campaigns are being published and the community stays alive and kicking

How can you schedule your campaigns in Ambassify?

Scheduling your campaigns is really easy. When you are setting up your campaign, you can choose the option "schedule it" in the last step (Finish) of the campaign builder. In case your campaign only has to run for a specific period, you have the possibility to set an end date as well. This means your campaign will only be visible between the publication date and the end date.

When you now go to the Campaigns tab in the admin panel, you will see that your scheduled campaign is in the list and recognisable by the purple label in the status column. In this view, you can also use the "Show all states" dropdown and filter on "Scheduled campaigns". This will give you an overview of all the campaigns that are planned to launch in the future.

Let's say you have scheduled your campaign and you want to change the time of publication. To do this, you can just open your campaign (or click the Edit button) and navigate in the left panel to Channels. Now, click on the channel that is active, in this case this is community. Here you can simply change the publish date and optionally set a finished date and an archive date.

Don't forget to save your changes and your campaign will automatically be published at the time you want your community to see it.

Now that all of your campaigns are timely scheduled, you can focus on some other work that's on your desk!

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