You can use the social share campaign or also called the link share campaign to have your link to, for example, the website, the blog, a landing page, shared by your ambassadors on their own social media channels.

Here are the different channels ambassadors can share on:

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Page (only for API Share)

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • E-mail

  • WeChat

  • WhatsApp

  • Xing

  • Link

Where do you start?

You click on the create campaign button and then look in the social category for social share.

The campaign name you have to enter is only visible to managers. Choose a clear name so that you can easily distinguish your campaigns afterwards.

You can optionally add a tag to your campaign for easy filtering on campaigns.

In the next step you choose whether your campaign should be on the community or on a landing page, or both. More information about the difference can be found here.

Then you choose the language in which you want to create the campaign, if your campaign needs to be made in multiple languages, you can add those afterwards. In case of the latter, you can save your campaign as a draft and then add the other languages.

The title is visible to your ambassadors. By default, it says "share our news", but you can also provide more information about the subject for instance. Don't shy away to be creative and make the call to action appealing to your target audience.

Then enter the URL to the article. Via the button import share copy, you will automatically retrieve the website's image, summary, and content. So that's easy, and you don't have to enter everything manually anymore. However, you still have the possibility to edit the content if you want.

At the rewards step, you can set the points that your ambassadors get when they share. They get points every time they share on different networks.

The next thing to do is to add your audience filter if necessary.

Advanced settings

If you save your campaign as a draft, there are advanced settings that you can add or edit before publishing your campaign;

At Sharing in the left side-bar, you can adjust on which networks can be shared.

You can also change the sharing copy like title, description and illustration.

The description will only be visible in the campaign itself. Title (3) and illustration (2) will appear on the shared post on social media. In this example we'll use a LinkedIn post:

It is also possible to add multiple variants of the sharing copy, by using the green add-button. The system will then randomly select one of your configured variants for your user to share which results in a more varied social media feed.

In addition, you can set a default message (1) that will appear above the post. This way, your ambassadors do not have to come up with text themselves.

Set a default share message for Facebook, Xing, and LinkedIn (even without API share):

Facebook and Xing don’t allow us to prefill their share popups which is why we added an extra step that allows your users to copy the message to their clipboard and paste it later. This is optional and won’t be shown if you don’t configure a default share message.

Share pop-up to share on Facebook with default share message:

Share pop-up to share on LinkedIn with default share message:

Before sharing the link via Ambassify, users can still change the default message and add their own opinion to it.

All done? Don't forget to preview your campaign before publishing it!

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