You can find this campaign in our catalog as Share a Video campaign.

When setting up your campaign, in the section 'Content,' under 'video to share,' you can upload your video:

  • The uploader supports mp4 videos

  • You can share your video across all Ambassify supported sharing networks. We advise you to always test your video share campaign on the various networks before publishing it

  • This campaign includes a handy tool that lets admins select a thumbnail from the video (including a play-button overlay!), which will appear in the preview on social media when the video will not play natively on the social media channel

How will the video be displayed?

When the API share is enabled in your account, the video will be shared natively on the social media channel of your ambassador. This is possible for all networks that allow API share (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages). This means they’ll appear just like any other video your members would manually post on their profile or page and play directly inside the feeds.

When sharing on non-API networks (personal Facebook profiles, WhatsApp, and others), the video will be shared on a landing page. In the social network feed, a thumbnail that you choose will be displayed.

This is an example of a video shared as a LinkedIn post with API share enabled. The video can be watched directly in the feed:

Below is an example of a video shared as a Facebook post on a personal profile, and how the preview actually looks like in the Facebook feed. You can also add an image and sharing copy (i.e. a title and description) to make clear what the video is about. This information appears below the video. When people click on the video, a landing page opens where the video can be watched.

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