In Ambassify, it’s possible to create automated campaigns based on your account’s import sources with a bit of help from our development team.

Sources that we support are:

  • RSS feeds, e.g., from your blog
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn company pages
  • Twitter profiles
  • Instagram profiles

→ Based on the connected import sources, we will define the correct campaign type.

→ We can set the same campaign fields as if you would just create the campaign yourself.

These campaign fields are typically dynamic:

  • Campaign name
    We typically set the ID of the import source post as the name, e.g., Tweet ID
  • Campaign title
  • Campaign summary
    We can configure the summary to contain the post content
  • Campaign content/description
  • Campaign URL
    The link to your blog post, tweet, Facebook post
  • Campaign image (if the image is available via the import source)
    This could be the blog post header image, social media visual, or shared link image
  • Sharing copy: promotion title, description, or image
    Set the share information for shared links or social share campaigns

→ These campaign fields are typically fixed, so you can let us know which text you want to use:

  • Campaign author
    Must be one of the authors available from the author dropdown in a regular campaign
  • View article button text
  • Confirm button text
  • Thank you message

→ We can also attach tags to the campaigns, the language (if you work with multiple languages in your account), and the correct target audience (groups, etc.). It is not possible to use dynamic values for these settings.

→ You can choose if we publish the campaigns first in a draft (for you to approve) or automatically publish the campaigns to the correct target audience.

Once we set up these campaigns, you can check them and let us know if it is OK; 1 revision round is included, after that we will charge (a) service credit (s) if we have to make additional adjustments.

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