Some social networks employ a policy that requires integrations (like Ambassify) to reconnect on a regular basis. Most notably LinkedIn requires you to reconnect your account every 60 days.

How do I know if a connection expires?

Whenever a connections expires we will notify you every time you visit the Ambassify control panel using a message that appears in the bottom left corner of Ambassify.

Find the account that expired

If you would like to find out which exact source expired, or you would like to reconnect click the Configure Sources button. Alternatively you can navigate to the same page by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of the screen, followed by Import Sources under Settings in the sidebar that appears.

Sources that have expired will be marked as such using a lock icon and the error message, rather than showing the name of the connection.



Reconnect the expired account

To reconnect an expired account you should click on the Edit button of the expired source. Here you will see a list of all accounts that have ever been connected to Ambassify. Accounts that need to be reconnected are marked using the clock icon.

In order to reconnect the account you should click the Add it here button in the bottom right corner of the dialog window.

This brings up a list of connections in your account with those that Ambassify has access to checked.

To reconnect expired accounts you should click on the Connect button that is underneath the list of social accounts. This will initiate the connection flow with the social network (LinkedIn in the examples above).

When connecting with networks where you need to share company accounts like Twitter and Instagram, please make sure you are logged in with the correct account as seen in the highlighted parts below. If this is not the correct account you'll first need to go to the social media network and log in with the correct account.



Once you return to Ambassify the connections should have been re-established. Finish up by making sure to click the save buttons and we'll start presenting you with suggestion campaigns based on your social accounts.

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