To configure the Google Tag Manager containers that are injected into your community open the Ambassify community settings. Now navigate to the Tracking page from the sidebar.

Here you'll find your enabled containers. Use the Add  button to configure more containers. You'll need to provide a description and the Container ID (GTM-XXXX) which can be obtained from the Tag Manager snippet like below.

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Since the Ambassify community is a single-page application you will need to set up a trigger that can be used to handle page changes. Single page application require you to set up a trigger using  History Change like below.


Ambassify publishes events within the platform to Google Tag Manager. This allows you to run scripts based on user actions on the platform.

To use these events you'll need to create your own triggers in the Tag Manager Container like the screenshot below where the Event name  is one of the supported events listed.

Currently supported events:

  • campaign.interaction  when a user interacts with a campaign
  • auth.signup  when a signup completes

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