To set up the mail digest, you have to go to Settings > Mails > Mail Digest:

You can decide when you want the mail to be sent, for example every week on Friday at 8:00 am, or every 7 days, but it can also be every day or every 14 days. If you select the time, this will be in the same time zone as your browser.

This digest is automatically sent to your community members.
It is not necessary for these emails to publish the campaign on a landing page, community items are fine.

(To use the custom digest you have to publish your campaign on a landing page)

If you activate the mail digest, the community members will only see campaigns in which they have yet to participate. If they have done all campaigns during the specified period then they will not receive an email.

Configure e-mail settings:

• Configure time and day of the week

• Digest subject

• Digest direct share: share directly from the mail

• Sender name and e-mail address: The name and e-mail address your ambassadors will see as the sender of these mails

• Template (advanced): HTML e-mail template in which the emails will be sent


If you are looking for the statistics of your mail digest, take a look at Reports > Messages > Mail Digest.

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