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Custom report exports
Custom report exports

How to get started with custom report exports

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We offer custom reporting exports tailor-made for specific customers.

The reports are available in CSV, JSON, and XLSX format.

They can be downloaded in our interface or integrated into a customer’s infrastructure using a static URL from which the report can be downloaded.

When you buy a custom export/report, you can find these when you go to Reports > Custom exports.

Here you can choose the desired format and generate your export.

Additional information for IT teams:

If you programmatically need access to custom reports, you can get the report URL on this page.

Exports are protected using an authentication token. When requesting the export URL, this token should be set in the Authorization header preceded by the keyword Bearer and a space. For example, Authorization: Bearer this-is-my-token. Tokens can be acquired on the API Tokens settings page (settings > technical > API tokens).

Here you can create a new token. Give your token a clear description to know this is the token you created for the custom exports. Save the token securely if you need it more than once.

Tokens don't expire, but if you ever need to expire a token for security reasons you can do this on this page.

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