Ambassify's Zapier integration is currently invite only. You can install the integration into your Zapier account using this link

Details required to set up your Zapier integration can be found in your account settings underneath the API Tokens menu.


New Reward Request

This trigger is activated whenever a member requests a reward from the community.

New Post

This trigger is activated when a new Campaign is created in Ambassify.

New Interaction

This trigger is activated when a interaction is generated on an Ambassify campaign.

Deprecated Triggers

These triggers used to be part of the Ambassify platform but have been deprecated since.
Ambassify may completely remove these without prior notice.

  • New Entry

  • New Campaign

  • New Net Promotor Score (use New Interaction trigger instead.)


Add/Update Member

Change member properties in the Ambassify database.

Available fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Gender

  • Groups

Create Post

Create a new Ambassify campaign in your organization.

Create Message

Create a new manual Ambassify message in your organization.

Change Member Points

Add or subtract points from a user in your community.


Find Member by ID

Find a member based on their unique member ID.

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