• If the manager that you want to give permission to add content in the Ambassify account isn't in the Ambassify database yet, he/she should be added as a member first in the "member" section by clicking the green button "add member". 
  • You can add all the information that is needed (name, last name, e-mail address, language, ...) and link the new manager to the right groups if this is relevant already.
  • Now that the new manager is a member of the Ambassify database, you can invite him/her by e-mail to become a manager of the account. At the same time, he will get access to the community environment with the same credentials. You navigate to the "messages" tab and click on the "create message" button. 
  • Finally, you select the "manager invite" message and follow the message wizard. 
  • Give the message a clear title so that you know afterwards why this message was sent for. In the audience step, you can use the "e-mail address contains" filter to select the right person(s). 

Note: by using this filter, you can only add one e-mail address at the same time. If you want to target several people, you need to use the "e-mail address contains" filter again for each person you want to select. On top of the filter, you can change the "match all filters" dropdown (just below the wizard on the left in the image above) into "match any filter". This ensures that people who meet one of the filters are included in the invite. 

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