Due to social network restrictions, sharing native video content isn't this obvious, certainly if you want to reduce the number of clicks to a minimum. Below, you will find some tips & tricks to make your video content go viral on Facebook with the help of your ambassadors.

  • Instead of using the "Social share" campaign, you select the "Facebook Like" campaign if you want to share native video content (campaign type at the right in the image below).
  • Simply follow the steps in the campaign wizard, but be careful in the "content" step: insert the link of the native video in your Facebook post that you want to share. Then change the copy of the "like button text" to "I shared your video", instead of "I liked it". The title, header image and content copy can be inserted as well. 

Note: if your ambassadors aren't familiar with this type of campaign yet, you can add some extra copy in the content field to clarify what they have to do. For example: "Share our video by clicking on the small arrow pointing to the right in the preview below and take on the battle by outdoing our team!" 

  • In the last step of the wizard, just choose the option in the middle ("save as draft") so that we can dive into the campaign set-up and finish all the sharing details.
  • Configure all the text field carefully in the tabs on the left of the image below. As a finish, you can click on the "landing page" button in the "channels" tab and put your landing page live.
  • Once you're done, you can click on the green button in the image above ("view on landing page") and look at your campaign preview.
  • If you click on the sharing arrow in the preview, you will be directed to your Facebook page, where your ambassadors can add some extra sharing copy.  
  • By clicking on the blue "share on Facebook" button in the image above (or "Plaatsen op Facebook" in Dutch), the video will be shared on the Facebook page of your ambassadors. The video will start playing automatically.
  • As a last step, your ambassadors can claim their well-earned points by clicking on the green call-to-action button ("I shared your video").

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