Only members who are already part of the database in your Ambassify account can be invited to join the community. To do this in a technically correct way, we need to send them a specific email to register themselves.  

  • Go to the "messages" tab and select "create message"
  • Click on "create" behind the "community invite" message.
  • Name the invite so that you as an admin can easily check to who the invite was sent afterwards.
  • Set the language of the email when communicating in multiple languages within your account.
  • If you want the persons to be linked to a specific members group when accepting the invite, you can select this group(s).
  • Adjust the title and copy of the email if necessary.
  • Select your recipients by using one or more filters in the audience step. If you send to one specific person, it is best to use the "e-mail address" filter. If you want to invite a whole group, for example  based on the extent to which they have already participated in previous campaigns, you can use the "interaction count" filter. 
  • Send the e-mail by clicking on the "set it live" button in the last step of the wizard.
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