We can distinct two main reasons for the use of kiosk mode: 

  1. You want different respondents to fill in a survey on the same device.
  2. You want to send out a survey (form, NPS, poll, ...) that can be filled in anonymously (e.g. by your employees to evaluate certain aspects of the company). 

We added a kiosk mode to our landing pages which makes it possible to collect multiple submissions using one device (for example with an iPad). If you would use one iPad for example to let users fill in a form on an event, they will all be seen as one member. To solve this, we added kiosk mode which will reset all the users cookies once the form is submitted. The landing page will also automatically be refreshed so the page is ready again to collect the next users information.

To enable kiosk mode on a landing page you take the landing page url and add ?kiosk=true to it. (For example https://mycommunity.ambassify.com/post/12025?kiosk=true.

By default, the page will auto refresh after 3 seconds once a user submitted the landing page. You can change this delay by adding the kioskrefreshwait=value where value is the delay you want to use in miliseconds.

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