The custom digest feature will make it possible for managers of an Ambassify community to create digest messages that show an overview of landing page campaigns that a user can participate in.

In most cases the campaigns will be sharing an article from a company blog or news website.

Creating a new digest

The user will use following steps to create a new digest that will be emailed to an audience of choice.

The user will go to Create Message and clicks Create next to the Custom Digest preset.

This will take the user to the message wizard which will guide the user through some steps to configure and compose the digest email.

The first step is to give the digest message a name. 

In the next step the user is able to use powerful segmentation filters to select the audience that will receive this digest email.

Once the user selected the audience they will be able to choose the content to include in the custom digest email.

By clicking the Add article button the user will get a popup which asks for a URL of an article.

When inserting a article URL and clicking Add, the Ambassify platform will automatically try to fetch the title, short description and image of the article. Based on this data it will automatically create a social share landing page campaign for that article. For a custom digest you can only use campaigns that are published on landing pages, so if you only published your campaign on the community, you will not be able to select this campaign.
To publish your campaign on a landing page you can go back to the campaign to channels > add/remove channels > click landing page > publish your campaign on the landing page. 

When the user has added more than one item he will also be able to reorder the items by drag and drop.

In some cases it’s possible that our platform isn’t able to auto detect all content, or the user is not happy with the description or image. In this case it’s possible to change the default copy and image by clicking on the article panel and editing the content.

Next step is to add some introductory text to the digest if needed. It’s also possible to change the subject of the email in this step.

Now that the user completely configured his digest email they can go to Preview to get a visual preview of what the actual mail will look like. Keep in mind that the mail template in the screenshot below is our default one. It’s possible to completely customize the look if this is preferred.

If the user spots any problems they are still able to go back to previous steps to make any changes if needed.

Last step is to send out the actual email. It’s possible to send it right away, schedule it for a certain date or save it for later if you want to let another user proofread it for example.

All the articles you add in your custom digests will show up in your Ambassify campaign list overview (landing pages).

This also means that you’re able to view the full share stats for each of your digest campaigns. Below is an example of such a share campaign report.

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