Ambassify Comments

You can enable Ambassify comments in your community settings under Comments.

Disqus Comments

You are going to create a new "Disqus site", it's important to know that one Disqus account can have multiple sites. For example, if you're already using Disqus for your website, you can add a new site to your account for the Ambassify community.

Create a new Disqus Site

First, go to and either log in if you already have a Disqus account or create a new account with your personal details.

Now you can create a new Disqus site to use with Ambassify. In the "Website Name" field, fill in something relevant to your company and the community, like the name you are giving your community. We are using "Ambassify Champions" for our own community. For category, we suggest using "Entertainment", but you can choose whatever you think fits best with your community.

In the next step, you can select a plan. A "Basic" (free) plan will work with Ambassify.

You can skip the next step (Install Disqus) by clicking on "3. Configure Disqus" in the left menu.

The last step lets you configure your Disqus account. You can fill in some extra information here, but none of it is required to use Disqus with Ambassify. When you are done, click "Complete Setup" at the bottom of the form.

Using your Disqus Site in Ambassify

Now that you've created a new Disqus site, you can enable it in Ambassify, but first you'll need to find the shortname for your Disqus site. If you haven't already, log in on Disqus and make sure the right site has been selected in the top menu ("Ambassify Champions" in our case.)

 Click on Settings in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select General in the menu on the left. Next to "Shortname", you can find your shortname.

Now head on over to (the "Comments" section in the Ambassify administration panel) to fill in the shortname.

Click "Save" and you are ready to go. Happy commenting!

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