Approve new entries

  • Created: September 25, 2016
  • Last Updated: September 25, 2016

By default all the content that is added to the widget will be directly visible for every user. But with the approval flow you can get more control over what content you want to be visible in your widget.

If you enable the approval flow you’ll get an email for every new entry. Then you can decide if you want to accept or reject the item. Only accepted entries will show up in the widget

Enable manual approve

By default the approve flow is disable so every entry that is added by a user is automatically approved. Do disable this auto approve and make it a manual process go to your widget and then in the left menu select Approve. As you can see on the page by default the auto approve is on. Uncheck the checkbox and save the settings to enable the manual approve process.

Disable auto approve


After enabling the approval flow, when a user submits a new entry you will receive an email like below.

Approve email

By clicking on the link in the email you can preview the entry and accept or reject the entry. Depening on your choice the new entry will become visible in your widget or not.

Entry review